Mankind Pharma Renders Humanitarian Gesture Towards ‘Covid-19 Warriors’, Supports Families Of Deceased Cops With Rs 5 Crore Donation

The country’s police force has once again rendered yeoman service to the nation, acting as the first line of defence during testing times by working 24*7 to combat the spread of the lethal Coronavirus pandemic.

The unfettered spirit and selfless devotion of the rank and file of the police personnel donning the Khaki uniform is noteworthy as they have been at the fore-front in discharging their duties by placing the interest of their fellow citizens ahead of their own family. Amidst the highly contagious coronavirus pandemic, many brave heart cops have even lost their lives for the sake of saving the lives and securing the futures of their fellow countrymen.

“We have lauded the doctors, nurses and other health workers and we are indebted to them, but the efforts of the police personnel during these crisis haven’t been acknowledged enough. Many Police Warriors lost their lives doing their duty in this pandemic. As a responsible entity, Mankind Pharma is standing in solidarity with the families of these ‘Covid-19 Warriors’ . To support their families we have created a fund of Rs 5 crores and will donate Rs 3 lakh to each family of the fallen brave hearts.” said Mr. Rajeev Juneja, CEO Mankind Pharma Limited.

As the citizens recognise, applaud and salute the valiant efforts of the police force in combating the spread of the Coronavirus pandemic, Mankind Pharma believes that it is very much their duty, as part of the national fold, to appreciate and respect the selfless sacrifice of our brave police officers.

Being a leading pharma Swadeshi company, Mankind Pharma has always endeavored to be recognized as an industry leader, both as a profitable corporate entity and by way of serving fellow citizens through its CSR activities.

At the onset of the pandemic in the country, the company donated INR 51 crore to PM & CM Care Fund. In a humanitarian gesture, the firm’s employees too joined the Covid-19 war by contributing one day’s salary to the relief fund. The company is also contributing immensely to fight the pandemic by producing affordable medicines, donated ventilators, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and medicines to the states.

In recent times, Mankind Pharma also rendered financial aid to citizens around the nation, who all carried out relief work to help out their community amid the pandemic. The firm provided Rs 1 lakh each to Rama Sahu from Odisha, Jyoti Kumari of Bihar, C. Mohan from Madurai, Akshay Kothawa from Pune and Devgania family from Vankla village.

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