Exercises and Workouts – What Is Variable Intensity Interval Training and How Can It Help You?

If you are a regular in the fitness industry, chances are you have heard of high-intensity interval training. This type of training is said to give optimal fat loss results and can help to boost your fitness level faster than any other method of training as well.

But now, there is a new method of training that is catching on: variable intensity interval training. What is this training about and how can it benefit you?

Let us take a closer look…

1. What Is Variable Intensity Interval Training? This type of training is a combination approach where you will do some high-intensity interval exercise coupled with moderate intensity interval training, which is usually a strength-based focus, along with low-intensity training during the rest periods, which will include yoga based movements or stretch.

Putting these all together, you get a workout that is always changing and is varying its overall level of intensity.

2. The Benefits Of Variable Intensity Interval Training. So what does this mean for you? How will it help?

First, it is a great option for beginners. Since you are not doing quite as much high-intensity training here, it is easier for you to get started as a beginner. By mixing it up with the moderate and low-intensity training, this makes it more feasible.

Second, it also adds a more balanced approach to your fitness routine. You will be doing not only cardio-focused activities but in addition to weight lifting, focused workouts as well. Plus, you will get the benefits of yoga and stretch that come with the low-intensity intervals. As these are often overlooked by many people and left off the end of the workout, it’s helpful to include them right in with your training.

Another significant benefit is a lack of boredom. High-intensity interval training is often said to be useful for helping to combat boredom because it is always changing, but variable intensity changes it up even further. This is an ideal way to train if you frequently find you grow tired of your same old workout routine.

3. Adding This To Your Training Routine. How do you go about adding this exercise routine to your week? Since these are total body sessions, you can theoretically do just this one workout, three times a week, and be done with it.

The choice is yours. Do it with your other training if you wish but do make sure you have one day off between sessions to allow for recovery to take place.

Do not overlook variable interval training any longer. It can be an excellent method of increasing your fitness and creating a healthy balance in your workout routine.

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